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Monday, August 17, 2009

Feed me with the same spoon!

Greetings Blogger s,

In recent weeks we have witnessed over the course of the summer months several different event happen in the sports world. We have witnessed another great class go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Consisting of Ralph Wilson, Jr., Randall McDaniel, Bob Hayes, Rod Woodson, Derrick Thomas, and Bruce Smith. Congratulations go out to those guys and their unbelievable commit to the Game of football and to the "Game" of Life, on and off the grid iron.

With the great things has also been the pimple on the face of society and that being the tragedy involving Cleveland Browns WR Donte Stallworth and a construction worker. Lets not forget about Mike Vick who got caught up with the dog fighting ring and what not. I specifically want to focus on the the way the legal system treats the "superstar" in today's society by comparing Michael Vick to Donte Stallworth.

First and foremost they both are great athletes in their own right but in the case of Vick he served his time but is to my knowledge currently off of probation and has signed a contract with the Eagles. Moreover, the man served jail time for killing dogs. Hold on all you animal lovers, I love dogs, cats and animals period! Lets be REAL though people who are "stone cold" guilty in our eyes and the eyes of society get off with murder for killing people everyday! Lets be real the man went to jail for killing dogs although I don't condone this there has to be some common ground here. Its not like the man was running a fight ring with people and the losing was killed just like the dogs where.

Which brings we to Donte Stallworth. This man was way over the drinking limit. His B.A.L (Blood Alcohol Level) was way over the state limit and he was driving extremely fast through construction zone and killed a man. The sad part was he(Stallworth) didn't serve a "lick" of real jail time. So lets bring this home Vick kills dogs and goes to jail! Stallworth kills a man and doesn't do time. Whats up with that America? Just because Stallworth reached a undisclosed settlement with the family of the man doesn't excuse for "class" which in this case is jail! Now I'm sure both men are "sorry" and are trying to put this behind them but come on America, what's going on with our legal system here? Since when is the life of a human compared to that of a dog? It can't be but this the way the legal system is making it out to be.

Please someone give me a break and I'm not talking about a Kit Kat candy bar either. Our legal system is a joke, plain and simple. In my opinion and you may disagree America but I think even though Stallworth I'm sure "forked" over some money to the man family which is rightfully so BUT he still should have done sometime for this. I personally know people who have been in the same position as Stallworth and have done at least 2 years in the slammer.

My biggest concern is what does this teach America's children? You know the ones who love and adore Mike Vick and D-Stalls. Let me guess " Ohhhh Jimmy sweetheart don't kill dogs because you'll go to jail but if you kill a man and pay his grieving family off you escape scoot free." Like I stated before I don't agree with what either one of these High-Profile athletes have done but in all actuality they are human and humans make mistakes. Come on America you have made some mistake in your day even today most likely. I realize and I hope you do to, that no one is perfect and if they are it like my grandma said " if they are perfect then they a lair and the truth ain't in them" Lol. Grandma was crazy but she was right!

Until my next post America...... take care of yourself..... your dogs and each other

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